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About us

Kristie Mather, our founder and president, has been passionate about the science and therapeutic uses of plants her whole life.  While studying Botany and Organic Chemistry at college in Michigan she also worked at a small health food store.

Her fascination with plants and formulating toxin free skin care products grew as she met customers asking for skin care products without parabens or harsh ingredients. After years of research and formulation, Tilvee Skincare was launched in 2008.  

Kristie stays on the forefront of ingredient research and efficacy and also educates on the importance of healthier products for our bodies and the environment. Kristie and her family lives in Golden, CO 

Tilvee Eco Ethical Skincare headquarters are located in Golden, Colorado where they produce luxurious, nourishing and toxin free skin care products. Tilvee products support the use of ingredients from around the world that are organic, fair trade and sustainably harvested. 




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